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Why Life is Not All About Having Fun

Life is not about having fun. I’m no philosopher, psychologist, or religious educator.  I’m don’t write self-help bibles and pretend to know it all, because I surely do not.  I’m just a simple, 27 year old girl; okay wait, a “kind of simple” 27 year old girl, who is trying to find her way in this world and *oh, hey!*, has figured some things out.  Living downtown has given me many gifts.  Firstly, a short uber ride to and ...
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Finding Your Purpose & Sticking to It

Everyone has preferences, you know? That’s what makes us unique.  Some of us prefer baseball. Some of us prefer symphonies or UFC or dog parks. We’re all a little different and that’s okay.  Something I typically don’t prefer is when people glorify their own hardships.  Bloggers who have eating disorders tell others how to get thinner; how they did it, what to eat, how they work out… and then bust out a sad saga story ...
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New York Fashion Week ReCAP

          Phew. What a jaw dropping experience.  After being in Aspen, you don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone and by that I mean GIVE ME UBER.  Something that drove me MAD in rural Colorado was simply that I didn’t have the power and freedom to break free when I wanted to.  There aren’t too many ways to get around out there.  You have to sit at the bus stop and ...
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February Favorites

Happy Snow Day! I find it incredibly hard to do ANY-THING productive during a winter wonderland. Although it’s really more like a light dusting, the city is still rustled up a bit.  You know, people can’t get into work, the traffic is terrible, and people are driving like Californians.  I figured I’d give you a little something to enjoy on your day off, day in, or day– passing time at work! Here are a few of my February ...

How Saying “No” Made Me $8K Last Week

Hopefully you don’t see me as a quasi hypocrite because I will be traveling ALL over in February.. but 2 weeks ago, I was offered a pretty riveting opportunity to go to Tulum for 5 days.  My friend Hannah (flight attendant) offered to hook it up with the plane ticket and the whole week’s stay would only be $400.  I had nothing planned that week (besides the Saturday wedding, but I’d be back before then), so I thought about ...
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New Year, New Business Plan: The 411

Alright folks, I wanted to take some time to chat with you about some changes that will be happening this year (and launching by Feb. 1st). Over the last two years, I have tried to home in on what my blog really should become.  It started as a One Stop Shop for everything Chelsea, but was kind of all over the place.  I didn’t blog about outfits I actually wore.  I tried to do it all, involving work outs and meal plans and ...
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2019 Downtown PDX Apartment TOUR

Wow. This has sure taken me a hot minute to get up. Only been in this apartment for 8 months! It’s finally all together and I topped it off with a couch and wifi.  Some of these photos were taken months ago and quite frankly, I’m just too lazy to take new photos!  I’m not sure if I’ll stay or move in May, so I figured I should get up my interior PRONTO.  Hope you enjoy! ENTRY WAY The Entry Way is the ...
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Resiliency: The Word to Focus On in 2019

Living downtown, I don’t get in my car often, however, when I do I’m not worried it will be broken into. My car is in an open lot RIGHT across the street from a slew of homeless folk propped up like they own the block. I get asked quite frequently if my car has been broken into, and I reply “nope, never, I don’t keep anything in it.”         Back in college (with my old Subaru), I had quite a ...
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If You’re a Blogger; Be Alaska and Not Spirit

How to Provide the Ultimate Value for your Fans, Followers, and Trusted Social Media Admirers.
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10 New Years Goals for the Entrepreneur

  Feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Christmastime is a trip! Everyone is in this intense cross between stressed out and happy bliss.  I, however, decorated 2 weeks before Thanksgiving & had 100% of my gift wrapping done this last Monday. #AheadOfTheGame Trevor and I have an early Xmas Gift Exchange before he leaves to his Fam in Vegas (I’ll be joining him the 26th, gotta love Vegas!), and so I am ALL set. Mmm, although this is ...